Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Knitting Progress!

Yup, I actually got some progress done on my knitting. Though I have to say that I was quite frustrated with my cardigan sleeve and I have to rip it out. That's okay, it's great practice. Right? Yeah, that's it. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

I was able to get away this weekend. We had to 'babysit' Christopher's sick elderly cousin - she's in end stage cancer. So off we went to Waltham, MA. We had a nice time even though she slept a lot - but she's still a lot of fun. We also traveled to Leominster, MA to visit C's aunt whom we haven't seen in 3 years. That was fun and relaxing because there was a POOL. But DARN it! I got a little tan even though I wasn't trying to and took as much precaution as I could - but having the Italian skin doesn't help matters. So now, I have to think of what I'm going to do when the musical goes up and I have to wear the strapless ball gown.

Here's the progress on the multidirectional scarf. See how long it is from the last picture. OOOOOO! I love knitting this pattern. I almost feel as though that's all I want to knit but I'm being good to some of my other projects by working on them too. But darn that Cardi sleeve. Oops, I said that already.

Here is the bowl I'm working on. I'm hoping that the multi thickness of the yarn won't mean a hill of beans difference in the end product. This is home spun yarn from Urugray and I love it. It's cute, isn't it?


Katy said...

Wow! That scarf is beautiful! I love it!

Your bowl looks good thus far...that yarn is gorgeous too!

Did you spin it yourself?

Elaine said...

Thanks. No, I didn't. I bought it at the local yarn store and it's a pretty great yarn.