Monday, August 07, 2006

Not Much Knitting!!

This week and weekend were busy ones. We rehearsed all week, then Friday night we finished sewing/grommetting a humongous traveler curtain for the show. It's in two pieces. Each is 30' wide. Once they are hung in the theater, I'll post a picture of it. I'm pretty darn proud of the things. It took 4 of us to do it - Christopher (hub), his sister Sue - big help, Me, and Jennifer - who was a tremendous help.

We then returned to the theater on Saturday to strip an old stuffed chaise. Doreen, Jim, me and Christopher worked on it and boy, was it a mess. I kept kicking myself that I hadn't brought my camera so we could have a before, middle and after picture. It's a great piece. One thing we (really Jim) discovered when we got it down to the bare wood - AND pulled out every nail and staple - (there were hundreds, no lie) after a little fixing, the piece could raise and lower on both the head and foot, just like a beach chaise. Dear ole hub went dumpster diving on Friday to get cushions so we could replace what was there and reupolster it. It's half done and we worked at least 4 hours on it. The things I do for my art. ;)

We then had a dinner party on Saturday - had a rip roaring time though I tipped my hand just a little too much so Sunday was a slow day for me.

Now here's the knitting - what you really came to read about!

Here's a scarf that I made with some novelty yarn. I got it on sale for $2 a piece. I made this for a dear friend and I'm surprising her with it tonight.

This next picture is the stash I recieved with the loom. Remember, this isn't my whole stash - just the loom stash. It was STINKY - it's been in storage for a few years. So what I finally did was lay it all out in the craft room and febreeze the crap out of it. I LOVE THAT STUFF! It took all the stink away and now I have lots of yarn to play with! WEHAW!!

Here is the 'finished' bowl - pre-felting. I can't wait to have enough time to felt it. It's going to be adorable when it's done. I will post a picture when I finish.

I did a little work on my multi-directional scarf, but not much more. I guess that's all I have to talk about today.


monica said...

How did we survive without fabreeze? I love the stuff too. Looks like you got quite a nice stash for your loom. Can't wait to see the bowl felted.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you asked me on my blog if my felted bowls were stiff. The bowl made with bulky lamb's pride is stiff and the other made with Cascade 200 is probably like your bowls which hold shape but not stiff. :)