Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yarn and progress!!

I went to the LYS this morning, looking for Blue Heron Yarn and BLAST, they didn't have it, though I did get some 1/2 priced goodies. Here's my haul: I'm going to make scarves with them all. The blue varigated is bamboo yarn and I'll do a multi-directional one out of it and the red and orange are 100% Egyptian and I'll do some combo scarf with those.

Progress on the Cardi from (H - E - double hockey sticks). Notice, no twisting. I did a lot on it last night. I had the night off from rehearsal and it was glorious just sitting and knitting. Of course, it's almost always glorious when I sit and knit, but doing it at a time I usually can't do it, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, now that's the life!!

Ok, now remember the blue/green bowl I was going to felt? Well, (drum roll please), it is DONE. Here's a picture of it.

I brought it to rehearsal to show it off and one of my dear friends said he'd love to have it, so I gave it to him.

I LOVE to felt. The process is a hoot and I can see more felting in the future. In fact, I've felted a little clutch - I got the pattern out of "One Skein". Isn't it cute? And it's QUICK!! I'll be doing another one with different colors and I can't wait. Here's a picture of before and after:

And lastly, here's a picture of some dansko sandals I love to wear, but they're in bad shape, so I thought to myself, "Self, why don't you spruce them up with a new look." Here they are:

And here's a picture of the finished project. I still have to bring them to a cobbler to replace the inside pad because it's all torn, but I'm happy with the results. Please ignore my funny looking feet.


Katy said...

Your bowl is wonderful! So is the clutch! I've been thinking about making that for some time. Was it hard?

Elaine said...

It is very easy and VERY fast! Sort of like the bowls but bigger.

knittingnanna said...

This yarn is absolutely fantastic... and you can’t beat the price, I look forward to see the scarves