Tuesday, August 08, 2006

EGADS! Not again. Troubles with Knitted Cardigan

Oh boy! This is the 3rd time I'm going to have to rip out this freaking sleeve. I HATE when that happens. Here's the picture of the blasted thing. Notice where my fingers are that it is TWISTED. UGH!! Why I didn't notice it before is a mystery.

I went to the LYS today to pick up some needles to start my socks and blast, they were out of my size.

Who else out there dislikes gauge swatching? I do and sometimes I cheat - I'm sure it will nip me in the butt sometime - hopefully not with this blasted cardigan - I cheated the gauge on it and I think I'm in the clear. I was thinking of cheating the gauge for the socks. I knitted about 1 inch and measured the width and it's correct. Has anyone else done that? Can I get away with it and make a pair of socks? Anyone? Any advice will be helpful.

On an up note - I started another bowl with this gorgeous green wool. Here's a picture of it. I still haven't felted the other bowl. Maybe today. I'm supposed to be learning my lines for K & I but I'm a huge procrastinator. And I have to blog, right? Right? I can't go tooooooo long without blogging, now can I?


Sner said...

I never, ever, ever swatch for socks. I figure that the sizes are close enough that as long as the number of stitches sounds about right I'm good. My general guideline is on 2.0mm needles I need 76-80 ish stitches, on 2.25 I need about 72-74 and on 2.5 anywhere from 64-70 stitches. Hope that helps!

Katy said...

I should have warned you....the bowls are addicting! :)