Friday, June 30, 2006

What I'm Knitting Now!

I'm knitting many projects. A beaded Cardigan from - 4 scarves and a stole. Shall I show you? Do you wanna see them? Huh? Do you? Okay. Here's a few of them.

First the cardigan. I've done a lot on the body and the small circle is the beginning of the sleeve. I also added a close up of the bead work for your viewing pleasure. Yarn is Tahki cotton - a beautiful red.

Here's the stole. I got this pattern from too. I've used Manderin Petit made by Sandnes. I love this cotton and have used it on a scarf too. I'm almost done with this and just need to do the other beaded end.

Here's one of my scarves - 100 % wool (part of my loom stash) - very stinky stuff. Since it was in storage for a few years, it's musty and I'm working on what to do to unstink it. This stitch is

CO 3 +1
Row 1 and all odd numbered - purl
Row 2 - k1, *yo, sl1, k2, psso* to end
Row 4 - k2, *yo, sl1, k2 psso* k2
Row 6 - k3, *yo, sl1, k2 psso* k3

This next scarf is made with the mandarin petit - cotton, blue and yellow, both held together.

Even number CO
Row 1 - k1, *k2, p2*, k1
Row 2 - k1, *p2, k2*, k1
Rep rows.
Well, that's all for now!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Projects, Projects Everywhere!! The knitting fiend!

I've been juggling 4 - 5 projects at once and am always itching to do more. It's pathetic actually. I feel as though the projects are alive. I try to do a little of each every day and if I don't get to one of them, I feel like I have to stroke it and console it, "Don't worry honey, I haven't forgotten you. I'll spend some time with you tomorrow!!" How twisted is that?

Here's a few of my finished scarves. I love to wear scarves as soon as the weather is cool. I can't believe that I hadn't thought about wearing scarves not only for the decorate value, but because they ACTUALLY keep me warm!! I tend to run on the cold side and since I've been wearing them, VOILA instant warmth.

The Green one is from the stash I received with the loom - it's 100% Virgin Wool and chunky. I think I used this pattern: 18 Cast on, k1, *yo, k2tog, k1* to end. Repeat row.

The red one is made with baby alpaca brush - and when I bought the yarn, I got a free pattern. I LOVE free patterns.

I went to the library yesterday and got some knitting pattern books. I can't wait to make some of the projects. More! More! MORE!! Some of my 'loom' stash is interesting and I wish I could type the yarn in google and get a pattern I could make with it. This one yarn, Boucle Sage Chine - see picture - I have around 10 skeins of it and don't know what to do with it since it's a little fuzzy, so if someone out there has an idea, I'd love to hear it!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

What To Do???

Every since I can remember, I've always been crafty. Although, I have to admit, instead of drawing with crayons when I was four, I liked to eat them. I wouldn't take huge bites out of them, just shave them with my bottom teeth. Hey, maybe that's why I love chocolate shavings now. And the funny thing is, at the time I couldn't figure out how my mother knew I had been eating them. It could have been the residuals dotting my teeth and lips? I bought a loom from a friend. His mother was heavily into weaving and after she passed on he inherited the loom and all the accoutrements. It's a LeClerc 60' Mira. I bought the whole kit and kaboodle for a low price and I can't believe how much I have. The loom is huge. It's now sitting in our dining room area. It's a counter - balance loom with up to eight harnesses. It also came with 5 shuttles, a warping board, a spinning wheel, a ball winder, a bobbin winder, a Dorothy table loom, a knitty noddy, and lots of things I don't know what they are. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I got her whole stash - lots and lots of cones and lots and lots of knitting yarn. Talk about FUN!!!

My hubby and I took a 6 week beginning weaving class at a local fiber store and I made a table runner. I totally picked out the wrong colors and will probably cut and hem it into a bunch of dish towels. The colors are too close to each other to make it pretty, but hey, it was my first attempt. I'm sure my next time, it will be oodles better. I'll use contrasting colors like my husband did. The one thing I didn't anticipate is that as the fabric wraps, you can't see what you've done already and if you're just winging it, like I was, it's easy to forget your 'pattern'. Hubby's came out much nicer.

I want to insert a picture here, but don't know how to do it? If anyone could give me pointers? When I try to insert it, it goes to the top of the page. Any help is appreciated.

So, why the title "What To Do?" I just don't know if this loom is to big. At the shop that I took the weaving lessons, the owner has a few smaller floor looms for sale and I was thinking, should I sell this huge loom for a small loom? I look at this one and get overwhelmed a little, but the cute 'smaller' ones, makes me want to weave. My hubby thinks I should use this one first, so we'll see. I suppose I should but I have to get someone in here to 'set it up' first.

I've really been enjoying knitting - and have many projects I'm working on. More about that later though.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Never Enough Time

I just set up this blog to share my knitting projects, what's going on in my life and any random thought.