Friday, November 17, 2006

Knitting News!

Boy! Twice in one week? How is it I have time to blog twice in one week? Anyway, I've got some pictures to show. Two weekends ago, my hub and I went to Northampton, MA to visit his sister and we went to WEBS. I LOVE that store. I got some great yarn.

The first yarn is my prized possesion. I got it (partly) with a gift certificate given to me for my birthday in September. I've been eyeing the Alchemy yarn at Webs but haven't felt like plunking down the money to buy it. So, when you get a gift certificate, it doesn't feel like it's expensive. Here it is.

I must say that the colors are actually more vibrant, (if you can believe it), in real life. I love the look and sheen of this yarn. I'm going to make a scarf/headband thingy with it. It's something I found on the internet. Some yarns are so yummy and this is one of them. I have visions of me laying the skeins out on the floor and rolling all over them.

I also bought some Noro Kureyon:

I'm going to make The Lady Eleanor Entrelac stole from Scarf Style. I don't have nearly enough, so I have to order some more. It's more vibrant than the yarn usually used for the stole - but I'm a vibrant kind of gal! :)

I dug out a scarf I started probably a year ago and have continued along with it. This is a picture of it before I started working on it and I'll post an update next week.

I did a silly, silly, silly thing when I started to work the above orange scarf. I picked it up and did the pattern for a few rows and THEN I noticed that I was using one wrong sized needle. Have you ever done that? Here are the two needles I was using.

One is a 10 and the other a 6. How funny is that? Like I couldn't feel the difference? Where was my mind? It's not that difficult a pattern, but you do have to pay attention. Obviously I was paying attention to the wrong things. Anyway, I finally realized my mistake and was able to fix it before I got too far.

Ok, that's it for today.

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