Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hands! And Progress!!

Aha! Got your attention, didn't I? Why write about hands? Frankly, because I'm rather fascinated with them, but in a good way, I promise. I used to be a massage therapist when I lived in CA - and in my learnings, I heard that there were two types of hands. One type that 95% of the population sport at the end of their arms and the other type that 5% are graced with. Which one do I have? Why the rare kind, naturally - otherwise why the fascination :). Here's a picture of my hand. And PLEASE don't comment - even in your heads - on the shape of my nails, or the state of my cuticles......I hardly ever do anything with my hands other than live with them. And knit, of course.You can't imagine how difficult it was to take those pictures. Thank heavens I have a digital camera, or I would have wasted a lot of money on developing funny looking pictures. Ok, now to get into why my type of hands are in the 5% range. 95% of the pop. have longer ring fingers than pointer fingers. 5% (me) have longer pointers than ring fingers. SEE? I took both a front and back picture - not only for your viewing pleasure, but because you can see it better from the back of my hand - probably because there aren't any nails to cloud the issue up. I also have very long and skinny fingers, if only my body matched them, sigh.

So which one are you? Take a moment please and leave me a comment.

I'm obsessed at looking at everyone's hands to see which they have. I even do it at movies - staring at the hands of the actors - Liv Tyler has my kind of hands and I think Nicole Kidman too. Thank goodness I can multi-task or I'd never be able to follow the plots of the movies. I know, I know! This is a weird 'hobby'.

Here's some knitting projects.

The green one I knitted with Misti Alpaca. I love this yarn, and the shade is beautiful. The picture doesn't do it justice.

The Blueish one is a pillar stitch with some hand painted yarn from Uraguay. I have more of this yarn that I might felt into a bowl. Thanks to Katy for the pattern. ;)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New Finds and More Knitting Projects!!

Hello All! I just had a lovely visit from my sister-in-law Sue and we went to Portland's greatest Weaving and Fiber Gallery where Melodi helped me figure out my warping board and where I purchased some nice chenille yarn for a scarf that I want to weave.When we parked the car, I noticed a NEW, at least to me, yarn shop called Knitwit Yarn Shop and Coffee Bar. I DIDN'T have a piece of gloriously decadent chocolate cake while I shopped. Okay, okay! I did! But at least Sue and I shared it. Anyway, back to the shop and the yarn. I loved all that I saw there and I found some Noro Kureyon yarn that I immediately bought to make a multi-directional scarf. Here's a picture of the yarn and my progress.

It's a fast knit, and FUN!! I'm sure there are more people out there that like to do this as well, but I love to start projects - I usually finish them but I'm always looking out for a new yarn and a new pattern. I just got two books from the library - one on scarves and the other on bags. I can't wait to open them up and really get into the books.

Also I get the irresistable urge to giggle foolishly when I purchase new yarn that I love and it takes all of my control not to scream out "Mine, MINE, MINE!" after the clerk hands me my purchase. Anybody else feel like that??

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Decision Is Made!!

I haven't had the time to post in a while. I've been very busy with the new play and vacation and what not but.......

I've done it! I've decided to sell my floor loom. It actually was a hard decision because I bought it from a good friend and he was happy for me to buy it since it was his mothers. She passed away and he inherited it and I partly feel like a crumb for wanting to sell it. But it is too big for me. The table loom is more my style and if I get another floor loom. I will get a smaller one. This one is 60" wide! Here's a picture of it.

Enough about that - on to knitting talk.

I've gotten farther with my beaded cardigan. I've done one sleeve (not the full thing but to where the directions told me to stop and start the other one.) Here is a picture of it. Isn't it the cutest thing? It looks a little like a squid.

I've also gotten further with the stole. It will be about 40 rows of this and will be attached to the already finished portion - this is it before the dropped stitches. Here's a close up view as well. If you scroll down to a previous post, you can see the difference. Pretty neat!!

Here's another scarf I'm working on. I love this yarn. I bought it originally for the loom but had the idea to make a scarf out of it. I'm using a pattern from Scarf Style. I love it.

I made this stole from I have yet to block it but I like the pattern and the yarn.