Monday, March 05, 2007

Progress as we know it!

I've made much progress on the knitting front. I have completed a pair of socks - the pattern is 'the jaywalker socks' by Grumperina. I love the pattern and the yarn is fabulous too. I'm wearing them right now. Here's a picture of them. The second picture is close up of the pattern. Not sure it shows well.

I've started to rip a sweater that was given as a hand-me-down - The color combinations aren't really in my style and the sweater was very large - so I decided to deconstruct it and use the yarn as a colorful scarf or something like that. Here's a picture of the sweater - minus one sleeve. That was when I got the brillant idea to take a before picture of it.

This other picture is the yarn from the one sleeve that i took apart. Nice little stash, don't you think?

This next picture is yarn that was given to me by Lynn. I love the colors. Originally I was going to knit a scarf like the one in the picture - but have decided since it's fingering weight wool -

to knit it with two other colors combined -
so three all together for this scarf pattern.

I can't wait to knit it further so the colors will show up better. These pictures don't do it justice really. I'll show more when I have it knitted up more.

Here's a scarf I'm making that I'll probably end up giving away. We'll see. I like how it's knitting up. I got this in the bargain section of WEBS.

Okay all! That's it for now! On to more knitting and more gaming. WoW is calling me.